Netsuite For

Non-profit Organizations

Nonprofits across the globe are constantly making adjustments — meeting donor expectations, new regulations and trends. Also, demand for more services and spend transparency are driving industry shifts. Unfortunately, a lot of nonprofits are relying on disparate systems, requiring countless hours of manual reporting to provide leadership with any insight into their organization.

Nonprofits need a flexible system that will enable them to continuously meet the evolving demands of their stakeholders.

NetSuite offers cloud software that automates critical business processes and consolidates financial data into a single, unified view, even across multiple subsidiaries, with multiple revenue types and across international boundaries.

NetSuite has developed a deep understanding of nonprofit organizations through over 2,000 successful implementations. Are you ready to put NetSuite leading practices to work and take your organization from zero to cloud in 100 days or less?

Average Nonprofit KPI Improvements

Increase in Actionable Insights and Visibility
Reduction in Reporting Time and Resources
Reduction in Time to Financial Close

I envisioned when I started NetSuite that we’d be able to take the benefits that we have for profit-driven businesses to nonprofits that need to run their organizations efficiently, to help them accelerate their mission.

Evan Goldberg
Executive Vice President
Oracle NetSuite