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For Oracle - NetSuite End Users

Here are some Oracle - NetSuite Tips and Tricks you'll need to know to use its functionalities effectively and efficiently, in order to draw out the full potential of the ERP software.

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Technology – The Future of Finance? 90% of CFOs will use automation, AI and fintech by 2024

Introduction Largely as a result of the pandemic, reliance on and comfort with technology as a business differentiator has progressed in the past two years …

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How to Optimize NetSuite Dashboards and KPIs – 4 Brilliant Tips to Achieve Breakthrough Efficiency!

Dashboards and key performance metrics (KPIs) provide a real-time view of your business and are critical components of the NetSuite user experience. A well-designed dashboard …

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Driving Inventory ROI: How CFOs Can Maximize Cash Flow and Minimize Loss

With Better Visibility Into the Connection Between Inventory and Financials, CFOs Can Increase Profitability Any finance professional working at a products-based company knows that, along …

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The Hidden Costs of QuickBooks – Is Your Financial System Limiting Your Business?

Learn Why Companies Switch From QuickBooks to NetSuite For most businesses, QuickBooks offers a functional, entry-level accounting system that can meet their early needs. But …

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8 Signs QuickBooks is Holding Your Business Back

Here are the top signs that QuickBooks is limiting your business and that it’s time to leverage a better, more comprehensive tool like NetSuite.

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Editing Matrix Items in NetSuite – Made Easy!

The NetSuite Matrix Item feature makes it easier for us to sell a single item that may have multiple complex variations of features, sizes or colors.

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NetSuite’s Beaming New Release – SuiteScript 2.1 in version 2020.1

As of version 2020.1 (released in early 2020) NetSuite has introduced SuiteScript 2.1 for server-side script types. This includes User Event, Scheduled Script and Suitelets.

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Setting Up ODBC Connector for Windows in 7 Easy Steps!

Follow this on how to properly set up your ODBC Connector for Windows and get started on Netsuite.

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Navigating Records in NetSuite – Made Super Easy!

Having difficulties on how to navigate your records in Netsuite? On this guide we discuss an easy guide for you to follow how to navigate well in Netsuite.

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