Seven Reasons Nonprofits Choose NetSuite Over Sage Intacct

It is a great feeling when things fit perfectly, from the clothes you wear to the cup holder in your car. But what about achieving a perfect fit with software to operate your nonprofit? The right system can be the key factor to growing, thriving and delivering on your mission, but like any other purchase—finding the right fit involves evaluating all your options.

In many cases this process can be overwhelming, but when you step back to look at the big picture, there is a short list of key items you need to consider when evaluating a cloud ERP/financial management system.

When organizations discover that their software has not kept pace with the internet age, and it no longer fits their growing needs, it often comes down to a decision between Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct.

NetSuite helps organizations manage core processes with a single, unified system covering ERP/financials, grants, inventory, restrictions and much more. By using NetSuite, nonprofits can automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time information anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a small organization looking to drive efficiency, a growing nonprofit looking to scale your reach or a large operation with high volume transactions, NetSuite’s solution is built to help you succeed.

Read on for the top seven reasons why nonprofits choose NetSuite over Sage Intacct.

“We’re in the business of changing lives, and NetSuite has helped us do that.”

-Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence


Ease of Use

With everything on a nonprofit’s plate, the last thing they need is an accounting system that stands in their way. That is why NetSuite provides simple workflows that automate and simplify everyday tasks like paying bills, making journal entries and closing the books. Say goodbye to manually keying in bills or shuttling data files between solutions. Everything is ready to make your daily life easier.

With pre-defined roles, it is easy for every member of the team to hit the ground running from day one. Whatever the job function, NetSuite comes pre-configured with KPIs, reminders, alerts, reports and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs. The result is intuitive screens, easy data entry and no-hassle user adoption. Most of all, it means NetSuite is simple and easy.

SuiteSuccess is NetSuite’s foundational approach to ensuring customer success. We build on leading practices to provide a pre-built, easy-to-use system. It means you are ready on day one to run the organization. It also means you receive a system that directly reflects what you’ve been shown.

While Intacct mostly relies on third-party vendors to translate demos into a working system, implementing SuiteSuccess is turnkey—with the majority of the work being ready on day one. Implementing your system can now be purely dedicated to the finishing touches you need— unique tweaks or approval flows that make the business successful. This approach results in an astonishingly efficient implementation with minimal to no changes required in scope.

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Commitment to the Nonprofit Sector

NetSuite’s founder, Evan Goldberg, has always believed that like for-profit companies, nonprofits also need access to technology to succeed. Thus, he created Oracle NetSuite Social Impact over a decade ago. The program is designed to leverage the company’s greatest assets—its people and its products—to support nonprofits of all sizes around the world.

The three pillars of the program deliver nonprofits a base donation of the software, pro bono services and ongoing capacity building to ensure lifelong success.

Suite Donation

All nonprofits are eligible for a base donation of the nonprofit solution with no-cost implementation. This standard donation is appropriate to power the financial management operations of a small organization, including three users for GL/AR/AP with basic financial reporting and one Learning Cloud Support training license.

Suite Pro Bono

While nonprofits can immediately see the operational value of implementing NetSuite, not all organizations have an in-house technology expert to fine-tune how the system can best be used as a solution for unique and changing needs.

The Suite Pro Bono program matches the professional skills of NetSuite’s passionate employees with the needs of our nonprofit employees. On a quarterly basis, organizations can apply for pro bono assistance to work through specific projects. This can range from exploring a new element of functionality to detailed troubleshooting around a specific report you are trying to create.

Beyond quarterly projects, NetSuite also hosts in-person Buildathons around the country. These day-long, in-person events match nonprofits with a local NetSuite team to understand current NetSuite use, identify roadblocks and opportunities, and deploy a solution. At the end of each event, nonprofits present their learnings and solutions to the group, and have the opportunity to learn from the other nonprofit customers in attendance.

Suite Capacity

At its core, NetSuite is one company across software, sales and support. Intacct tends to rely on partners putting a middle man between you and the software company, and a gray area as to who is responsible for what. Suite Capacity ensures you have a NetSuite team, inclusive of a dedicated Account Manager assigned to help your organization achieve success on NetSuite.

This group helps customers onboard, ensures they are utilizing NetSuite to achieve greater impact, and provides a lifetime of community and learning opportunities for users. Where companies like Intacct save money by mostly relying on generic help desks and community support, NetSuite gives you real people with a vested interest in helping you succeed.

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Ready Today for Growth Tomorrow

Experience is important. Nowhere more so than with cloud software, because every NetSuite customer runs on the same line of code. That means you get the stability and power of enterprise-grade software for a discount price.

Because it operates at scale—approximately x10 Intacct’s revenue—NetSuite can devote money and investment specifically to nonprofits. NetSuite has a dedicated group of engineers, software designers and support staff that focus on nonprofit functionality.

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Clarity of Organizational Performance

NetSuite’s intelligent cloud delivers the insight, predictability and automation nonprofits need to attract funding, fulfill FASB reporting and meet the Board’s visibility needs. Through a unified data model, NetSuite makes business intelligence (BI) available to all users across the entire business spectrum. NetSuite’s role-based dashboards show key information, such as KPIs and trends in context. With NetSuite, it’s “done for you” with built-in FASB-defined reporting based on custom GL Segments and a template UCOA-approved Chart of Accounts mapped closely to Form 990 line items, customizable by you.

With fewer systems and more integration between them, resources that were once spent creating spreadsheets and assembling reports have been reinvested towards programs that better serve their missions. And with full visibility of each volunteer, donor and client, nonprofits gain a single coordinated effort across the organization and are able to better target and engage each constituent, building life-long relationships and growing the support needed for long-term success.

“With NetSuite, we can share data across our organization with an ease we’ve never experienced before. We now have the ability to act based on our financial data.”

-Solutions Journalism Network

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Deriving key metrics can be an intensive, resource-draining process with a manual approach, but it’s streamlined in NetSuite. All of the data and metrics exist in NetSuite’s unified data model, which provides easy access any time, any place on any device in a seamless and efficient manner.

NetSuite is accessible anywhere and everywhere. Entering or approving expenses while commuting? NetSuite’s mobile app features easy expense reporting, call logging and time tracking in a mobile interface filled with mobile dashboard portlets and KPIs. Unlike Intacct, which attempts to squeeze desktop screens into your phone, NetSuite maintains dedicated apps for both IOS and Android.



Cloud-Based Organizational Management Platform

NetSuite understands that nonprofits do a lot more than keep the books. In fact, nonprofit is the most demanding and varied industry in our economy. Food banks need to keep the books and track food. Churches need to keep the books and track donations. Associations need to keep the books and manage conferences. It is normal for nonprofits to use half a dozen different systems.

NetSuite ERP simplifies and unifies. That means the team is working off one source of truth. Program managers can see their remaining funds (restricted and non). Senior officers can see key metrics.

Similar to Intacct, NetSuite offers two different types of users: Employee Center and General Access.

  • Employee Center Users are for employees that do not need daily financial access but will be using the system for personal tasks such as expense reporting, time sheets, purchasing and calendaring.
  • General Access is a customizable license where you can set specific role access based on your organization’s needs and security requirements.

Each user can have its own unique permissions or you can roll out set permissions to an entire group of employees. Through Social Impact, General Access Users are offered at half the price paid by for-profit companies.

Stakeholders can take advantage of NetSuite’s experience in warehousing, ecommerce or CRM. Intacct is an accounting system requiring a host of integrated applications to offer some of what the NetSuite ERP provides right out-of-the-box.

Start with easy-to-use and intuitive accounting software, then layer in other capabilities as needed.

“NetSuite allows our finance managers to engage more with our products and systems versus simply dealing with manual data entry, processing and reporting.”


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Secure and Compliant for Nonprofits

Nonprofits need compliance but not the headache of manually ensuring compliance. Wouldn’t it be better to make your system do the work? Out-of-the-box NetSuite delivers FASB statement of financial position, functional expense, cash flow, activities, activity by fund, grant statement of activity and so much more.

NetSuite is committed to helping customers achieve audit-ready financial solutions and robust IT controls without the effort.

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Proven Best In Class

Many independent research firms has recognized NetSuite as a leader in cloud-based ERP helping all types of organizations.

NetSuite delivers a suite that was “born in the cloud” with complete finance and accounting, billing, over 250 FASB compliant standard and customized reports, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), consolidation and more. With two software releases a year, customers are always on the latest version of the software with all the new features and functionality instantly available.

Ultimately your solution is only as good as the support you get. That’s why NetSuite includes a free Learning Cloud Support pass for every nonprofit. LCS is like an expert in your pocket with resources, reference materials and email access to instructors, covering key concepts, providing guided walkthrough, illustrating real-life scenarios and providing hands-on exercise. NetSuite aims to be as usable as it is powerful.

NetSuite is proud to support nonprofits everywhere, from local charities to global organizations.

“Our visibility is much better. NetSuite makes it easier to make better decisions, and you can see the outcome of decisions faster.”


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Nonprofits Choose NetSuite Over Sage Intacct

All nonprofits need a system that is easy-to-use, intuitive and fit for them.

  • Less risk
    Proven and repeatable business processes pave the way for your organization to safely get up and running.
  • Scalability
    The NetSuite customer pedigree ranges from volunteer-run organizations to some of the biggest NGOs. It means your organization can scale with a system you’ll never outgrow.
  • Value
    The SuiteSuccess methodology helps your team implement leading practices quickly, and built-in reporting lets you immediately visualize the value.
  • Social impact
    A commitment to serving nonprofits through product donation, pro bono services and capacity building.

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Want to Grow your Business?

To learn more about how NetSuite can help grow your business, send our team a message to discuss the opportunities NetSuite can bring in.