New NetSuite Implementation

We’ll help you find the best NetSuite solution for your business and configure it to fit your need to succeed, compete, and innovate.

| Organizational Requirements Assessment

Salora utilizes a robust requirements evaluation and scoring template to identify all of the necessary functionalities of your ERP and determine which solution will best support your operations. 

We will help your organization assess which solution is the right fit completely for FREE, we want you to feel comfortable with our offerings, understand the efficiencies that your NetSuite bundle provides, and ensure that it’s the correct solution.


Discuss your organization’s pain points, needs, goals, and your projected timeframe. Discovery is essential in the determination of the best solution, timeframe, implementation plan, and accurate quote.


Dive-in to NetSuite, its functions, capabilities first hand. Address any questions regarding the system and how the solution supports your needs.


Finalize the details of your implementation: timeline, team capacity, data migration, and any other considerations once implementation begins.


Propel your business forward by leveraging the power of NetSuite, initiating your journey, enabling you to optimize operations and drive growth in your organization.

Salora follows NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology; which allows our team to deploy the same functionality that your team will see throughout your demos.

Our Functional and Technical Architects are involved every step of the way, and will lead the project from data migration to post-Go-Live support.

| Budget and Cost Considerations

There isn’t a simple number for ERP implementation costs, but you can create an estimate based on factors such as business size, number of users or licenses required, training sessions, customizations needed, application integrations, and data migrations.

As a rule of thumb, best practices suggest planning for at least one to one-and-a-half times your licensing cost. This figure increases and decreases with the factors mentioned above.

Depending on the experience of your project team, steps within the implementation process can be handled in-house and not require our team’s expertise. Following the project plan is also critical, as changes in processes or desired outcome can contribute to an increase of cost during the project.