Navigating Records in NetSuite – Made Super Easy!

Navigating Records in NetSuite - Made Super Easy!
What are Records?

A Record represents unique types of information captured in NetSuite. The following are types of records:

  • Transactions– anything that involves the movement of money or value (invoices, bills, item fulfillment, item receipt)
  • Entities– people and/or organizations you do business with (customer, vendor)
  • Items– products and services
  • Activities– events, phone calls, tasks
Options to Locate Records:
  • Menu–> using the Center Tabs located across your NetSuite page.

i.e. To find a customer record, you can go to Lists center tab > Relationships menu > Customers

Note: As Center Tabs are highly customizable per role, users with different roles can find inconsistencies with the navigation.

  • Global Search–> application search engine used to quickly search for records based on typed in text.


Global Search is displayed at the top-center of your NetSuite Page.

Leverage wild cards: “%” or “_” in case you are unsure of the spelling

Use prefixes such as “cu:” for Customer records; “ve:” for Vendor records

  • Recent Records–> displays the last 12 previously viewed record

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